Profile | Greene & Bradford Inc.

Vision: One of the hallmarks of Greene & Bradford is our desire to help clients achieve their goals. We work with clients to identify, define and refine their requests to ensure the outcomes fit within their ultimate vision of the project.

Service: The total focus of Greene & Bradford is to meet the needs of our clients. When you hire us, you hire the skills and talents of our entire staff. We assign staff to a project based on our understanding of the clients' needs. However, when needed, we will bring in any and all staff resources to solve the clients problem.

Timeliness: Like other firms, Greene & Bradford assigns staff to a project to accomplish the scope and to meet (or beat) all project deadlines. Unlike some firms, however, we are ready, willing and able to drop everything to address unanticipated and/or emergency changes in schedules or scope. The versatility and the broad backgrounds of our staff gives us the flexibility necessary to respond to the evolving needs of our clients.

Quality: Greene & Bradford works within the context of a project to develop and deliver the best engineering solution. We evaluate alternatives and we develop recommendations based on innovative and cost effective engineering principals. We work with each client to develop the boundaries of physical, financial and community feasibility and we deliver the best solution within those parameters.

Value: With Greene & Bradford you get a firm that represents central Illinois municipalities. In addition, we have worked extensively with residential and commercial developers and with the state highway and resource agencies. Since we are already familiar with most of the issues that you are likely to face, on-the-job-training for our staff will not be a factor on your project.

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